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My three year old, Beckett, took this shot! Isn't he rad?

My three year old, Beckett, took this shot! Isn't he rad?


Hi, I'm Arielle.

Thanks for stopping by! I'm the mama of two wonderful boys- Beckett and Cassius- and wife to the most incredible human I've ever met, Lee. I've always loved people, particularly little ones, which led me to a great career as a child and family therapist. And then I gave birth to my big guy. Spoiler alert? Being a parent is HARD.

My first year of parenthood was a blur of sleep deprivation and leaky boobs. But by some miracle, I took a photograph of Beckett every single day. In these mindless, monotonous snapshots, I am able to reflect upon all the joy that I couldn't necessarily see in the moment. I can see the love, the growth, the hard work, and the fun that Lee and I put into raising this child. And I see him morph into an smart, challenging, compassionate kid. Or maybe he was always that way and photography allowed me to see him through a different lens. 

I never realized that photographs could be so cathartic. That they could be so emotive. Looking through the pictures of my child's first year is, dare I say, therapeutic in a way I never could have imagined. And then it clicked (ha, get it?). I could do this for real. I could take pictures of families and show them their love and their joy and their connection. Maybe some families are well seasoned, and I can capture their unbridled joy. But maybe some are new and at the precipice of discovering what becoming a parent means. I can help them heal, help them let loose, help them pause and just be.

My sessions are easy. They are unrehearsed. They are silly, and loving, and beautiful, and fun, and messy- just like real life. I am humbled by the opportunity to capture the authenticity of your family and reflect it back to you.

So glad to meet you.


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